2019 Charity: Community Living Huntsville

Community Living Huntsville supports, serves and advocates for approximately 200 children and adults who live with a label of intellectual disability and their families in North Muskoka.

All of our supports for approximately 200 children and adults are based on helping people have a good life, as citizens included in all aspects of our community, the same expectation as you and I. A few ways we do this is by helping people get jobs, or to become volunteers, or connect with clubs or groups.

We help people learn and understand their rights.

The education, awareness and advocacy work of Community Living Huntsville has led to over 100 local businesses and organizations to connect with people, who live with a label of intellectual disability to meaningfully live, work, learn and play in our community.

We need everyone to recognize that people with intellectual disabilities have gifts, talents, abilities and strengths to contribute. We need employers to consider people with intellectual disabilities as viable candidates for jobs.

We need people to extend invitations and welcome people with intellectual disabilities to have presence in ordinary community places, participating as ordinary citizens, allowing people to get to know each other so relationships can develop.

We believe that Community Living Huntsville, along with the Huntsville community can do better to welcome people who live with a label of intellectual disability to be included, valued, contributing members in all facets of community life ensuring that Huntsville is a stronger, richer, more vibrant community.

Community Living Huntsville hosts 2 Celebrating Inclusion Tours a month. Please visit our website, www.clhuntsville.ca for more information, and let us know if you can join us to learn more about our work!

It has been a pleasure to support Community Living Huntsville for the last 2 years and we look forward to doing so again for the third year!


How to Make a Donation

Want to support this amazing charity? You have a few options:

  2. You can PLEDGE AN INDIVIDUAL PARTICIPANT. You can do that by going to the PARTICIPANT PLEDGE PAGE LINK and typing in an individual name. See the short demo video below. It’s super easy!
  3. You can visit the MAIN PLEDGE page and make a donation. MAIN DONATION PAGE

Donations of more than $25 will receive a charitable tax receipt.

Watch this video if you want to SET-UP/CUSTOMIZE your pledge page:


Funds raised from 2013-2016 $39,894.55. 100% of all pledges go directly to the charity.

2016 Charity: Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity Ontario Gateway North is a non-profit organization working to break the cycle of poverty by building homes and promoting affordable homeownership, through the mobilization of volunteers and community partners.
We work with people from all walks of life as we build simple, decent and affordable homes through volunteer labour, efficient management and donations of money and materials. Homes are sold to partner families at no profit – they are financed with affordable, no interest mortgages, geared to the families’ financial circumstance.
Habitat Restores sell new and gently used household and building products, with ReStore sales helping to cover administrative costs of the affiliate. This ensures donated dollars go directly to building more homes in each community in the region.

HGHOGN has helped Huntsville families realize the social and economic benefits of affordable homeownership in 2003, 2005, 2009, and 2012. The organization is excited to once again put shovels in the ground for 2016 in a community-wide effort to offer families a “hand up.” Join us, as we ramp-up our operations in Huntsville and the entire Gateway North region!

visit the charity website: habitatgatewaynorth.com

2015 Charity: Empowering Women Through Sport

Olympic Gold Medalist Dara Howell created this Donor-Advised Flow-Through Fund to build a legacy and provide resources and opportunities for Muskoka’s female athletes who excel in any sport to pursue their dreams of competing at the next level. This unique fund provides additional resources for girls and women who are residents of the District Municipality of Muskoka and competing in any type of individual or team sport above the local club or rep level regionally, provincially, nationally or internationally, and demonstrate a commitment to the True Sport values and principles to “Go For It, Play Fair, Respect Others, Stay Healthy, Have Fun, Include Others, Give Back”. Funding can be used for coaching fees, team fees, travel expenses and/or equipment.

2014 Charity: Huntsville Hospital Foundation

Huntsville Hospital Foundation is a fundraising organization dedicated to improving healthcare services for the residents of Muskoka and East Parry Sound.

The Foundation was established as a registered charity in 1984 to receive, maintain and distribute funds raised by personal donations, grants, capital projects, special event fundraising and special programs not covered by government grants.

Although the Foundation does not contribute to operating costs, its mandate is to provide ongoing capital & education resources for Huntsville District Memorial Hospital. Click here for more information on the Huntsville Hospital Foundation.

2013 Charity: Hospice Huntsville

Hospice Huntsville provides quality end of life care for members of our community who are dying with a terminal illness. Hospice Huntsville has many robust programs provided palliative care support to the Huntsville community for over 20 years. The visiting volunteer program provides bedside support in our clients homes or at hospital to allow family and caregiver respite and the grief and bereavement program supports caregivers after their loved one has died.

Algonquin Grace is the five bed residential hospice that provides 24 hour professional nursing and personal support work to alleviate the burdens of caring for a dying family member at home. Click here for more information on Hospice Huntsville.


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