2019 Inspiration Awards Recipients

These inspirational runners were nominated by their fellow participants. They inspired, motivated and overcame obstacles. Here are the words of the people that nominated them and the generous sponsors associated to each award.

VIP Rockstar Mom

Sponsor: Comfort Inn


My mom – Bev – should receive an award because she spends her entire life celebrating others (especially us, her family) and she deserves the spotlight for once!  She is the backbone of our family, and our greatest cheerleader.  I run half and full marathons across the USA, and she tracks me via running apps every single race.  She has not missed a single one.  She will “follow” me mile by mile, and send encouraging text messages as I near the finish line.  This past year, Mom recommitted to her health with a total diet overhaul that involved eating completely clean – and she has never looked or felt better.  She has maintained her positive approach to life even whilst enduring the loss of her mother (my grandma, Mary) and sister (my Aunt Glenna) this past year.

Running is far outside of her comfort zone, yet she has trained for and completed a handful of 5KM races so that she can participate with her family:  her first was the Terry Fox run in Central Park NYC in 2014, and since then she has run a few 5Ks with me in Florida, and with my sister and I in Ontario.  Mom supports my sister and I in a way that makes me want to be a better woman every day – and she has been this way our entire lives (every since we were little HHS Hoyas!).  She is the definition of inspiring, hard-working, committed, and strong.  We love her and we are so proud of our Mom.
Lindsay Moore


Can I nominate my mum Lorraine Walker for an award? Can my kids nominate her for inspiring them to be healthy and active. Both my kids Adi and Mina Khonmen are running the kids race this year. And they will be there to cheer on their healthy Grandma.
Carly Khonmen
I think I’d like to nominate my mom for an award. She’s the lady (Lorraine) who continues to comment on your Facebook page when she’s done her training for the day. The only reason she comments is so that she’s accountable. She’s not interested in fan fair at all. She did the same thing last year and came second in her age category (71) by 9 seconds.
Amy Walker

Ain’t Nothing Holding Me Back

Sponsor: Deerhurst Resort


My husband and I are doing the 5k run this year for the 3rd time. We are extra excited as my oldest daughter Chantelle will be joining us. It all began about 5 years ago when her grandfather was passing away from ALS (lou gehrigs disease). She decided that July to do a half marathon in October and raise money for ALS awareness.  At first I was concerned as she had never been a runner up to this point. She did the half,  and so her love of running began. She has done other half marathons and even a full.

She is truly an inspiration to me and that inspiration continues to motivate me when running and I hope someday soon before I turn 60 to do a half marathon……she calls me her biggest fan and that is a title I am proud to have.

I am sure her PA is cheering her on from heaven knowing he was the start of her running journey through life.

I’d like to nominate Briana Knowlton for the award – she has gathered a group of 20 girls to run together on her bachelorette weekend. I have known her for 15 years and she has ALWAYS been someone that people are drawn to because of her incredible friendly, warm, positive, spirited attitude and drive. She is a truly remarkable woman who I have no doubt has a positive impact on everyone she meets because she shines so bright – you’ll see on Saturday!
Cheryl has been running in Band on the Run since the very first year. The first year she ran the half marathon. My children were so impressed with her and the event that my son Ben wanted to try a road race. His first race was the kids tri in port Sydney which he loved but it wasn’t quite the same. He wanted to do band on the run just like Cheryl. In the second year with the rule changes Ben needed an adult to run with him so I started training and ran my first 5k race. That year all my sisters, my son nephew and I all participated.
A few years ago Cheryl had some medical issues that prevented her from running the half marathon but still wanting to participate she signed up for the 5k which she has continued to do. This year she signed up for the 10 k which she was going to run with my son, but again this year she has had medical issues and thought she would have to miss this years race. We were all saddened that she would be missing Band on the Run for the first time.
She just got the go ahead from her Dr and although she can’t run yet she will be doing the 5 km walk.
Our family loves this race and we keep coming back every year. This year I will be running the 10 km for the first time with both of my sons. Cheryl’s partner and her daughter will be running the 5 k
Cheryl inspires us all with her energy and determination and I am so happy that she is able to participate this year.
Carrie Brake

Heart of Gold

Sponsor: Davicor Construction


Ruby Talulah Brown has been running with me since she was in kindergarten – she’s 13 now. She is the best running partner a mom could ask for!

She out-races me now, beating me by over 2 minutes at a recent hilly race! She also carried our race kits on her back during the race, (the organizers were understaffed at race day kit pickup and we narrowly made it to the starting line before the race started). She literally pushed me up the last big hill with one hand as I was struggling, and carried race kit paraphernalia in her other hand (that fell out of the backpack during the race, due to our hasty shoving of race kit bags into the backpack).

She is small but mighty (weighing only 80lbs) and she is very worthy of this award – I’m so proud of her athleticism and endurance!
Teri Van Sickle-Brown

I would like to nominate Michael Peake for an award. I am so proud of him for his dedication and commitment to running. He has recently started running and has demonstrated such drive and enthusiasm to reaching this point aNd achieving a 10km distance run. He has proven to have reached this goal and has gained enough confidence to try this public setting and challenging run. I wish him all the best and would like him to feel that he has the support, encouragement and love from his family and friends. He is always encouraging and supportive to others and he deserves it in return. He is a stellar member of the community and fire fighter, risking his life for others, and an exemplary father.
Natasha Duchno
I would like to nominate Bruno Di Tomaso for an award (he is registered for a half marathon). This person inspires me by his work ethics, determination, commitment to running and the community, and by his will to help others (whether it is a new runner or a runner achieving a new milestone). He has been running consistently for over 10 years and has now run dozens of half marathons and 11 full marathons, including New York and Chicago. The last couple of years have been break through years as he continues to achieve new bests and works hard while trying to achieve his goal to qualify for Boston Marathon. Through his journey he has led a number of running clinics and helped out and inspired a number of new and seasoned runners. He now has a dream to form a running group for people struggling from addictions and to help them along their recovery. This person always has a smile on his face and no matter what he goes through in his life he is an example of positivity, strength and kindness. He helped me huge while dealing with a frustrating injury and continues to encourage me to keep going and stay positive. I know Boston is around the corner for him!

Superstar Sensations

Sponsor: Centre Street Dental


Hudson is an inspiring young man who I have seen training rain or shine and in various towns from South River to Huntsville.  I have had the privilege of watching this young man achieve his dreams. He constantly challenges himself to achieve a new personal best in a variety of distances and signs up for races both around the province and recently competed in races in Spain! When I feel the urge to give up, it’s Hudson’s determination that keeps me going!
Skye Goulbourne

I would like to nominate Hudson Booth. He is very inspirational by competing for Canada in the CP World Games, Ontario in Para Bowling, Running and Special Olympic cross country skiing. Hudson always has a smile on his face and never seems to be in a bad mood.
Kyle Barber
I would like to nominate my son, Hudson Booth. He has always and continues to be an inspiration to me and many others. When he was born we didn’t know if he was even going to survive let alone walk. He started walking just before he turned 2. Since then he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, but that has never slowed him down. His dream is to be a Paralympian. He trains 5 out of 7 days a week and has a true passion for running. Last summer he went to Spain to represent Canada at the CP World Games in the 100m, 200m and 400m races.

Everyone who knows Hudson knows how much he works for and loves running. He does other sports too, like bowling, basketball, soccer, golf, Nordic skiing and I’m sure there others I am not thinking of.
Jennifer Booth

Note: Hudson came in 10th over all in the 5k with an incredible time of 22minutes!!

I’d like to nominate both Debbie Hannah and Gail Wilson.
Deb for all her work in recovering  from her health issues and not being able to hardly walk three years ago to running the 5km last year and walking the 5 this year.  For never quitting!
Gail even though running isn’t her thing but still doing the 5 last year and this year in support of our friend Debbie.
Trudi Fontaine
Cindy is my mom and my role model. She got me into running in the first place and constantly has motivated me to get out there and go for run and over the years, improve on my running skills and speed. Together we have trailed the world now doing runs, but Band on the run has stayed our favourite. We placed last year together, our only race we ever done so at the same time, and that, truly was one of the most proud moments of my life. I nominate my mom as my biggest inspiration.
Trisha Drew, my godmother and my mom’s best friend, is another person who has never ceased to amaze me with her spirit, her excitement, and her overall ‘funness’. She is one of the most caring, wonderful, and inspiring people I have the privilege to know.
Trish’s sister, Karen, is another huge inspiration for me. She shows up to every race with a new outfit, new cheer, and the absolute best playlist to get the run vibes started.
Together, we have formed the best girl run squad there ever was. Sure, I am biased. But I can truthfully tell you that I have never felt more motivated by any better people. They are my running rocks and I cannot wait to run alongside my squad again this weekend.
Ashley Harrison

Can’t Keep Me on the Couch!

Sponsor: Reactivate


At the age of 44 he only just started running.  He knew he enjoyed it quickly and not only did he start a local running club to help motivate others he also ran his first half marathon along with others who joined him in learning to run.
Dwayne was a volunteer firefighter and had to stop after he had his 2nd back surgery.  Now here he is able to run and get back in shape.  Watching him cross the finish line of his first half marathon and joining his learn to run club has motivated me to start running and living a more healthy lifestyle. We were living abroad for a couple of years and are happy to be back living in the Muskoka area again.  The Band on the Run in Huntsville will be his first half marathon back in Canada and my first 10 km run.
Thank you Dwayne for motivating me and others in learning to run and getting outdoors more!
Donna Barclay

I would like to nominate Faith Critchlow for an award at this year’s Band on the Run. Faith has overcome many obstacles in her life to reach this point of participating in this run. From being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 10 to a life altering accident a few years ago that resulted in a brain bleed and severe concussion which left her with memory issues, she has fought to get here today. Faith meets every and any challenge life throws at her with as Gord Downey said it best ” armed with will and determination and grace too”. She is an amazing young woman and I am beyond proud to call her daughter. Please consider her for award ceremony this Saturday, it will her first Band on the Run and the second 5km for her since she began running.
Anita Critchlow

Faith has worked so hard at getting her health in the best condition possible. She has had type 1 Diabetes since public school. During college, like many students,  she put on weight and did not focus on a healthy diet or exercise program. However, this past year she has really worked to get her body in shape. She has lost weight, worked on strength, balance and endurance. She has inspired our family to eat less fat, less sugar and watch our calories. She leads by example! We are thrilled to witness her participate in Band On The Run. It is a milestone for her to run 5 km. Her diabetes is completely under control. To see her so healthy and happy is heart warming.
Angela Dunnett

I am nominating Faith Critchlow for an award as a result of her endless dedication and motivation towards achieving and improving her physical stamina and athletic goals. I believe she deserves an award because no matter the weather, energy levels, or any other circumstances, she gives it her all to get out and run. She is always aiming to improve herself and her goals along her personal cardio journey, and is a very passionate young woman as well. I believe she deserves this award for all of these mentioned reasons and more, as she is hardworking and truly enthusiastic when it comes to running and habitually improving her physical stamina.
Alex Goltz

I believe Faith deserves an award because I’ve watched her push through and reach her goals, the amount of things that should have stopped her, didn’t. For that I believe she deserves this award.
Matthew Pinsent

Julia has been running your event for years and this year was slated to run the half marathon, but suffered a nagging injury last year that she is only just now beginning to recover from.  In fact, Julia was at the point where she was ready to pack in running altogether.  She has now decided to run again, and is still going to run the 10K next weekend.  A dedicated routine of yoga for the last few months and sneaking in some runs over the past few weeks, as well as a good amount of Julia determination, and she is just about ready to tackle the race.  I know she will do it because that is the type of person that she is. It is such a tremendous feat for anyone to pick themselves up from an obstacle in life, dust off and carry on again doing something challenging but rewarding.  In so many aspects of her life, more than I can mention here, she has shown this quality time and again.  For Julia, I know, running is one of the great loves she is passionate about.

In addition to this, she is a single Mum (Mom) of two kids, which can be difficult for any parent at the best of times.  Running has been a huge part of her life, successfully running many marathons and half marathons, including fundraising for charities for many of those. Julia never seeks any recognition and is one of the most kind and giving people I know.  In every aspect of life she is an inspiration to her family and friends, and especially to many of those who are runners, myself included.  In fact, without her support and encouragement I might not have become a runner or running my very first half marathon ever this year – Band On The Run!  Julia has so many reasons for running, including the typical health and fitness ones, but also many personal.  She is deserving of heaps of praise more than anyone will ever know.  As she would say, always a little further.
Steve Neely

Race Director Awards

Sponsor: Reboot with Real Foods


Six-year old Sully spent his weekends leading up to the event, with his mom Leigh Fettes, visiting each of the neighbourhoods that would be most impacted by the road closures on race day and letting them know what to expect. He is awesome!!

Aidan has been indispensable as a volunteer for the last two years. He not only volunteered until long into the night the Friday before the race and then started again at 5 a.m. on Saturday morning—running around, hauling heavy stuff—but then took 19.5 minutes (!!) to run and WIN the 5k before diving straight back into volunteering until he was literally the last one to leave.
My children, Madeline and Sebastian, have grown up with this beautiful monster (BOTR) that consumes both of their parents on the second Saturday of every June for the last 8 years. As they have grown into young adults they have taken on more and more responsibility in running the event – and in our family this is a year-round project 🙂 Madeline is so amazingly thoughtful at finding ways to make everyone’s life run more smoothly. This year she took over the entire food preparation for our family for the week leading up to the event – from planning everything out in detail to captaining the grocery shopping. (And for anyone that knows me – you know this is a big deal 🙂 And then she would take the extra steps of always making sure the kitchen was cleaned up.

Sebastian’s birthday always falls somewhere within a week to ten days before Band on the Run. And every year Rob and I have this awful, inevitable oh s%*#@ moment where we turn to each other and say – gasp – Seb’s birthday. What are we doing for that?! And every year Seb takes it in stride with such good humour.

Both of them can always be counted on to step up big time throughout the year and getting up at 4:30 on race morning (typically after staying up way, way later than they should helping out the night before) and working non stop all day – with a few minutes break to crush it in the 5k. This super proud Mom couldn’t pull it off without them.
Justine Brown

Determination Superstars

Sponsor: Will Davidson


I would like to nominate Clarence Jenkins!  He inspires me every day, and Band on the Run especially!! He goes to the weekly training sessions for band on the run set up by the team,  and  always has a huge smile on his face.  When you see him walking with his walker, and if you knew his history, you would know how amazing it is that this will be his third year to participate in Band on the Run, and he has finished everytime!!!  He was very sore afterwards, and had to rest for a couple days, but he never complains!!
Kelly Petman
One role model who is running stands out:  Katie Barkey.  Katie managed to take her passion for running and use it to both drag new people into running through the Muskoka Algonquin Running Club AND also managed to dramatically improve her running times.  Indeed a highlight of last season was purposefully going to PEI to run a fast marathon and then to qualify for Boston.  She then ran Boston this April is awful rainy conditions but finished strong!
Every Friday I would check the Strava leaderboard for BOTR and figure how far I needed to run to keep up with Katie!  On weekend in January, she did a last run late on Sunday (end of week) to pass my mileage total.  That grit and determination, even in the most awful conditions, are the reason that she is so successful and gets her runs in regardless of weather!  She singlehandedly had me running an extra 30km per week!  Go Katie!
Richard Denis
My wife Karen is closing on 62 and is doing the 5km for her first time. Thing is, on Friday, the day before the run she is having six biopsies for skin cancer done. These are very painful but she’ll be there nevertheless!
George Pudsey

Unquenchable Motivators

Sponsor: Fowler Construction


I would like to nominate my sister Keely Evans. She is my motivator and running partner.  Even though she lives in Huntsville and I live in Burlington she motivates me to train and run many different races with her. It was her idea to do the Band on the Run race after its first year and we have run every band on the run half marathon together, except one year when she was pregnant.
She inspired me to do the Around the Bay race in Hamilton and then the Ottawa marathon with her a few weeks ago.
She is a working mom that still finds the time to fit in not only her running training but she also is training for triathlons! Plus training in Huntsville is not easy! There are so many hills!!
Even though most of our runs are not together she is my inspiration to run and she supports me through our pre and post run texts. I know I wouldn’t do half the runs I do if it wasn’t for her encouragement and enthusiasm.
She said to me once when we were having trouble motivating ourselves to run.
If you are ever thinking, should I run? You should.
This is now what I tell myself when I am having trouble motivating myself to run.


I think Sue Sedgewick deserves recognition.  I think if you investigate you will see that over the years she has talked up this race with her family young and old and has encouraged many in her family to participate.  I would expect they are , if not the largest number of family members in the race,  then very close to it.
Janice Haley 


I would like to nominate my canoe/life/run partner (Camil Lapointe)for an award. He was not always an enthusiastic runner (“I don’t know how you do this, it isn’t for me” – 10+ years ago). Since then, he has become my running mentor. He pushes me to a new level. He includes me in some of our ‘hill’ training and some of our ‘long’ runs even though he has to SLOW his pace and encourages me when I do a “walk-run” pace and I am not even keeping to the ‘bing-bing” of my watch reminder! He never ceases to amaze me with his enthusiasm for a race even when it has been a subzero -29 with a windchill (“just think of the breakfast after”) or a hill practice “on your toes, on your toes’. He LOVES running now and continues to thank ME for getting him into the community. We pack run clothes for everywhere we go, be it a hotel vacation or a canoe trip or concert. We love running Band on the Run for its enthusiastic cheer on community and the friendly welcome we get from the staff at the hotel to fellow runners to those on the street. It is welcoming, friendly and makes us want to return for the next one, bugs and all!
Christine Hickey
I want to nominate Jake Barkey. He is the reason that I am running. He challenged me to take up running and has been pushing me the whole way. Guys a beauty and would love to say thank you!
Luke Aitken


I would like to nominate my husband; Lee Nunnenmacher.  He inspired me to run. When I met him 12 years ago, I was out of shape and never ran in my life.  Lee started running a few years before we met. He was completely out of shape and he decided to make a change in his life.  He had enough of feeling bad about himself and wanted to take action. He went from being overweight to last year, running his first 56 km at Limberlost.  Lee never pushed me to run, he was simply standing beside me and going at my pace. He never told me what to do, as he knew, I would not like that ( lol). Now, our son William is running his first 1.2 km today, I am doing a 10 km and Lee is running the half.  He taught me patience and gentleness with myself. He taught me to be kind to my body. He always tells me to just get out no matter the distance or the time I have…especially if I don’t feel good he tells me ”: just go for a run and enjoy.” Lee will probably kill me to know that I am nominating him today because he doesn’t like the attention to be on him. However, aren’t the hidden stories the ones that inspire you the most…? Lee is an inspiration for our family.  We are very proud of him and we want him to know that we love him and that he is the strength of our family.
Kathy Jannelle & William Nunnenmacher

Lifetime Sources of Inspiration

Sponsor: Lake of Bays Brewing Company


Maureen McIntyre is a 77 Year old 5K walker.  Maureen has NPH or normal pressure hydrocephalus.  She has a shunt and gets involved in as much as possible to hopefully help others with this same condition.  She is the reason that I am walking at 78 years of age.
Salvatore Azzara

I would like to nominate my 81 year old father Giovanni Brenciaglia. He is an inspiration to myself and to many.
At 81 years old he still runs, swims, bicycles, climbs mountains, rows, canoes, cross country and downhill skies, and more! He’s not overly fast at any of them lol but he never stops or gives up!:)
Slow and steady and exercising every day of his adult life has kept him in better shape than most people half his age! And I am sure will inspire people at the band on the run to keep running:)
Christine Warman (Brenciaglia)
I would like to nominate Judy Lacey who is walking in the 5 km for the third year in the 70 and over category. She works very hard to overcome chronic pain and physical limitations from past falls and injuries.
Her ability to put her difficulties aside and push through the pain to try and lead an active life continues to amaze and inspire me.
Sincerely Trisha Pendrith

Leadership Inspiration

Sponsor: Tulloch Engineering


When I think of someone who perseveres with her own running goals and someone who is so absolutely welcoming and encouraging of runners of all types she’s the person I think of! Think about her inspirational one year running streak. Or how  (together with Kati Strickland) she has gotten parkrun going in Huntsville to spread the joy of running/fitness, build the running community, and to help make running accessible to more people. She motivates me and others to keep going in all weather and levels of energy and to be proud of our accomplishments no matter how “small”. So deserving of recognition!
Heather Mason

I nominate my daughter Leigh Fettes.
She has overcome Hodgkins Disease.
She certainly has contagious enthusiasm and has started weekly ParkRun in Huntsville.This takes time effort and dedication.
Ian Fettes
These two are cool – they nominated each other without realizing it!
I would like to nominate Karen Burley. I teach High school physical education with Karen. Everyday, I am so fortunate to be able to see her motivate and inspire her student through her passion for being physically active and living a healthy active lifestyle. Karen loves to coach basketball and Ultimate, and gets her running fix inspiring young females in her running club. Her zest for life and spirit is contagious and inspires all who meet her. This is why I would like to nominate her.
Petja Taivassalo
I would like to nominate Petja Taivassalo for this special spirit award.  Petja is an inspiration for everyone as he is an advocate of physical literacy and fitness on a massive scale.  He reaches out to people around the world, has truly connected internationally with schools, professionals and politicians to encourage populations of all levels but especially young people to be active daily.  On a smaller scale numbers wise but certainly not in impact, he has been instrumental in his teaching of physical activity at Langstaff Secondary School  in Richmond Hill, as head of the Physical Education Department.  Not only does Petja coach, mentor,  teach the importance of physical fundamentals but he is a leader in promoting and programming physical movement and transferable skills to students in his Community Class on the Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Petja is a dedicated athlete in multiple triathlons, Ironmans and marathons every year and he attributes this to his Finish background motto for determination “SISU”.  He is truly deserving of recognition for his contributions of promotion of physical activity.
Karen Burley

Family Inspiration

Sponsor: Algonquin Outfitters


My daughters Holly (age 11) and Jill (age 8) just completed a 5km run program through the Town of Bracebridge. It came with challenges and both wanted to give up or had self doubt about meeting their goal of 5km. Their instructors preached positive self-talk and focused on ‘a mind over matter’ approach. Not only did they meet their goals, but they are super excited to be participating in band on the run (5km run)  as a reward for all their effort and positive attitudes. Jill received the youngest runner award and Holly received the positive attitude award!! They continue to inspire me by not only setting and reaching a goal, but also by facing the hard days head on and tackling the obstacles that stood in their way.  They are truly awesome, kind enthusiastic girls!
My husband Derek, will be dusting off his running shoes to run along side the girls. Two years ago we found out that my husband had type 2 diabetes. He has worked hard to educate himself and adopt a healthier lifestyle so he can continue to be the worlds best father and husband. This is his first 5km run (ever) and I couldn’t be more proud cheering him on! He inspires me everyday with his positive attitude and love for life. I am most happy that he is such a cool dad who is stepping outside his comfort zone to support his daughters in this way!
Jamie Newton
I am going to nominate my sister Meghann Harder. She has now raced in Band on the Run for 6 or 7 years!! She is a very busy mom of 2, works full time and helps a lot of other kids, she is a wife, an amazing auntie, a daughter, a friend and a sister!!  and she still finds time to exercise/ run and look after her self!! We ran this race together 2 years ago and she has convinced me to do it again this year! I will never forget her advice as we were doing some training together, she told me as we were running down a hill that it helps her to keep going when she imagines she is a Clydesdale horse galloping and that I should do the same. To this day, as I run down hills that piece of advice comes to my mind! I chuckle and find myself galloping like a horse!! Haha I  am looking forward to this weekends race!! I would also like to give a shout out my husband Mike Plant as he is doing his first 10k ever!! He is quite nervous about the hills, but he has been working hard to train and be ready for it!! My brother in law Seth Harder is also running this year which is exciting as well!!
Lindsay Gould

I would like to nominate John Simpson who is running the 5K with his boys (my amazing nephews!) and their soccer teams.  John is a great Dad, husband, Uncle, friend and colleague who never sweats the small stuff!  He works hard as an Emerg Doctor and is one of the calmest, kindest and most giving people I know.  John goes to all ends to train, run and encourage his kids (and others) to do their best.

John does not train consistently.  He trains with his boys when he needs to, and would never let them down. He should be recognized for his amazing contributions to the Huntsville community and many of the youth programs.  He runs this race to support his boys and their teams!
Pauline Smith

I would LOVE to nominate my nephews, Sam + Gabe Holinshead Farnsworth.
These two boys have run the 5km since 2015, when they first entered the race to be with their mom, Jody Holinshead.  I think you know Jody’s story….but her goal after getting out of the hospital – having been admitted for having had three strokes, multiple pulmonary emboli and stage 4 cancer –  in January 2015 was to complete the 5k.  She did it, with the massive Team Jody.
Since her death, the numbers on the team have dwindled, but these two boys are insistent to run every year – always trying to better their time from the previous year, always remembering their mom and her strength and determination.  They are happy to do it with or without the company of their friends, and look forward to the memorial run every year.  There is talk now about the need for new team shirts, as the boys have outgrown the originals!
Kelly Holinshead

You’re My Inspiration

Sponsor: Trace Property Group – Summit Lakeside Living


I have been friends with Heather for over 10 years.
In those 10 years I have never seen Heather be very athletic. I have NEVER known Heather to run, unless it was after a bottle of wine lol
Heather has been through so much over the past 3-4 years. She has been through so much and through it all, she has kept smiling (even though she was crying), building an amazing fulfilling career, motivating me and raising three amazing boys. She is now a single mom, and RUNNING!!!
What??!! That’s right!  She is running and even motivated me to join her on this 10km adventure and fulfil one of my bucket list items.
I remember when she first had this idea…she told me she “parked really far away from the grocery store”. She was going to try to jog to the store but could only walk fast and was very winded!  Now she is running and I  am so unbelievably proud of her.

No matter what our time is on Saturday, no matter how many times we have to stop and walk…I will be right by her side and so happy!!! I may even tempt her with more wine!

She is my inspiration!
Diane Thomas

I would love to nominate my friend and inspiration for stepping out of my own comfort zone and signing up for this walk! Her name is Amanda Kenny, or just Mandi as we call her. Over the last few years she has gone through SO much, from getting pregnant with her 5th child and having it be an extremely high risk pregnancy where she and her baby could have lost their lives, to breaking her ankle during this pregnancy, needing surgery with plates put in and a super long healing time, to her Mom passing away and so much more..through all of this she has been so strong and so brave. She remains positive and no matter how much she has going on she still does so much for other people! She decided to live a healthier and more active lifestyle and has found a passion in these walks. Her dedication is amazing and she’s hitting goals every day and has even started plus size modeling, to show that everybody and every BODY is different and beautiful and we should all love ourselves and not compare ourselves to others. I’m so blessed to have Mandi in my life. I’m so proud of everything she’s accomplishing in her life! She deserves this, more than anyone I know!
Meagan Brumpton
Doug is not only a local Chiropractor in Huntsville but a great all around athlete.  Although modest about his accomplishments, he recently finished the 2019 Boston Marathon in a time of 3:22.  He has a love for running, biking, skiing, hockey, water sports and a triathlete.  He competes locally and abroad.
His love for fitness and healthy living transcends to family members, friends, staff and clients.  He encourages everyone with  his positivity and enthusiasm to be active in whatever capacity they can and to live a healthy lifestyle. He embraces the spirit of good sportsmanship as both participant or spectator inspiring those around him to do their best but also enjoying the experience.  He is very supportive of his community and community events.
Doug also has a love for music as a great guitar player and singer.  That may be a well kept secret until now but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him participate in karaoke at an event like this.  It is fitting that he will be participating in the 5K run (he may not have signed up yet but he will)  with an event tied to great music.
Liz Abusow
I would like to nominate Wendy Sholtz. Wendy is a mom of two and a wife and a terrific best friend of mine. She inspires as Wendy has always taken time for herself which all women should.
Tracey Kohut


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