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June 13, 2020 9am – 11am

Tune into the virtual event and CELEBRATE your success!

The goal – to make the virtual event just as much fun as the live event! We’re going to celebrate all the training you’ve been doing this spring with live music, the announcer starting the ‘race’, our intrepid cheer squad…

Looking to Register? You can do that here.

OPTIONAL: You can download a RACE BIB here.
(Everyone gets to be #1111)

We would LOVE to see you in action. Post with the tag: #BOTRvirtual

On June 13th at 9am – you can join the live video call: VIRTUAL RUN LINK (ZOOM)

At 9:10am, everyone can get started with their run (feel free to run earlier/later if you want).
After your run you can post your results to our Race Roster leaderboard manually or use the Runkeeper™ app to have your result posted automatically.

See our FAQ below.

NOTE: We are requesting that runners DO NOT run the Band on the Run routes on June 13th during the virtual race. Sorry to be a poopy pants about this. We are asking this to ensure the safety of everyone. It wouldn’t take many people to create the kind of crowd that would make social distancing impossible.


Virtual run FAQ

Where can I run?2020-06-10T12:51:05+00:00

For your safety, please do NOT run/walk on the previous year’s Band on the Run courses. The courses cross several busy intersections which would normally be closed to traffic for Band on the Run, but are not safe to cross for the ALONE but TOGETHER virtual event.

So where should you run or walk? Please run/walk in your local neighbourhood using the sidewalk where ever possible. Be alert, be safe. This means maintaining social distancing guidelines, 2m apart at all times, not running in groups, and avoiding crowded places and gatherings. We recommend NOT using headphones to listen to music during your run so that you are aware of your surroundings, moving vehicles, other runners and pedestrians.

How can I use a treadmill to complete my run/walk?2020-06-10T20:29:35+00:00

Using a treadmill is a great way to complete your ALONE but TOGETHER run/walk. Simply run/walk the required distance, keeping track of your time to finish. Then click the Submit your virtual result button to post your result manually.

How to use the Runkeeper™ app to track my virtual run2020-06-10T15:29:02+00:00

The Runkeeper™ app is a great tool for tracking your virtual run using your mobile device, or GPS enabled watch. First step is to login to your Race Roster account on your mobile device and look for the “Start virtual run” button on your participant dashboard. Click the button, follow the instructions to install the app (if you haven’t already), create an account (if you haven’t already), select the virtual event using checkered flag icon and start your virtual run when you’re ready.

Use a Garmin GPS enabled watch to track my virtual run2020-06-10T15:28:56+00:00

You can use your Garmin GPS enabled smart watch to track your virtual run and post your result to the Race Roster leaderboard on one of two ways:

  1. Follow this article to use Garmin Connect to link directly to the Runkeeper™ app, then after recording your run with your Garmin device, open the Runkeeper™ app, tap the Checkered Flag button, select the ALONE but TOGETHER event and tap Link Recent Activity to select the activity you just recorded with your Garmin device.
  2. Record your run using your Garmin GPS enabled smart watch as you normally would, then manually post your time to the Race Roster leaderboard.


How do I connect to the ALONE but TOGETHER Zoom video conference?2020-06-10T15:29:29+00:00

On your mobile device or laptop/computer, you will need to click the Zoom live video conference link which will open the Zoom application and connect you to the Zoom video. If you don’t have the Zoom application installed, the link will direct you to install it first.

Once you have connected, you will see various squares with live video feeds from both the presenters (Frances – the emcee, Tobin Spring – our performer), and various participants. You may choose to enable your camera (if available) to share your video feed or not, and whether to enable computer audio to hear the presenters.

Feel free to chat with other Zoom participants using the text chat tool located on the right hand side of the window.

You can find more resources on how to join a Zoom meeting here:


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