Date: Saturday, September 12, 2020
Start Time for the Half Marathon: 8:30 am

The Band on the Run Half Marathon route is not for the feint-of-heart. This route embraces the Muskoka Hills. We’ve heard from many previous participants that running on the Muskoka hills makes for one of the hardest Half Marathons that they have ever done. It’s the kind of course that people love while they are hating it.

This route has multiple big hills. If you usually love flat and fast – this is not the race for you. If you love a CHALLENGE – then this race is definitely for you!

The half marathon route takes you from the Canada Summit Centre into downtown Huntsville along Brunel Road and then South for an out and back along North Mary Lake Road – the scenery is beautiful!

Estimated Number of Half Marathon Runners: 400


AGE: Participants in the Half Marathon must be 14 years of age or older on Race Day. Participants in the Half Marathon younger than 16 MUST be accompanied by an adult. We highly recommend that anyone training for a half marathon, especially teens, are aware of the potential for injury in adding mileage too quickly.

START LINE: The Start Line is self-seeded. If you are fast then make sure you are near the front. Fast is under 1 hour and 50 minutes. If you are planning to take your time, then start near the back.

STROLLERS: You are welcome to push your baby in a stroller. We ask that you start near the back for safety concerns. If you are pushing a stroller please keep in mind that there is limited shelter at some points in the route and there are big hills.

DOGS: You are welcome to run with your dog as long as he/she is on a leash and under control. We ask that you start near the back for safety concerns.


On The Go Map

NOTE: Route is new for 2019.
The route is an out and back loop with start and finish near the Canada Summit Centre main entrance.

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 Aid Station: A1 (Townline Road E near Brunel Rd)
 Aid Station: A2 (South Fairy Lake Rd & Echo Bay Rd)
 Aid Station: A3 (North Mary Lake Rd & Lockview Rd)
 Aid Station: A4 (North Mary Lake Rd & Riverlea Blvd)
 Aid Station: A5 (North Mary Lake Rd near Farm) 

Top Finisher Times to Beat from Previous Band on the Run Years (different route):
Matthew Leduc: 1:13:12
WOMEN – Katherine Ahokas: 1:27:06

Top Rock Star Time to Beat:
Luke Doucet (Whitehorse):

Turn-by-turn directions:

  1. Start on Park Dr in front of the main Canada Summit Centre entrance
  2. Proceed South on Park Dr towards Heritage Place
  3. Turn right on Brunel Rd and proceed North towards Main St E
  4. Turn right on Princess St heading East
  5. Turn left on High St and proceed towards West St S
  6. Turn left on West St S
  7. Turn left on Veterans Way
  8. Turn right on Brunel Rd heading south
  9. Continue on Brunel Rd past Town Line Rd and the tennis courts, and turn left on Hillcrest Dr
  10. Stay left onto South Fairy Lake Rd
  11. Continue South on South Fairy Lake Rd
  12. Turn left on Echo Bay Dr, continue to turn around point at end of Echo Bay Dr
  13. Return towards Riverside Dr and turn left onto Riverside Dr heading west
  14. Turn left on Brunel Road and continue south to Lockview Road
  15. Turn Right onto Lockview Road
  16. Turn left onto North Mary Lake Road
  17. Continue on North Mary Lake Rd, staying to the left, East side of the road
  18. Stay on North Mary Lake Rd by turning left at the intersection of Chub Lake Rd
  19. Continue south on North Mary Lake Rd, past Sam English Rd to the turn around point near Seelys Rd
  20. Return using the same route on North Mary Lake Rd to Lockview Road
  21. Turn right on Lockview Rd
  22. Turn left on Brunel Rd and continue north (stay in Northbound lane, right hand side of road)
  23. Turn right on Riverside Dr heading east
  24. Stay left on South Fairy Lake Road, past Echo Bay Road, heading north towards Hillcrest Dr
  25. Stay right onto Hillcrest Dr
  26. Turn right on Brunel Rd heading north
  27. Turn right on Town Line Road E
  28. Follow Town Line Road E that turns into Forbes Hill Dr (past the former Waterloo Summit Centre for the Environment)
  29. Continue down the hill, across the tracks onto Camp Kitchen Rd heading West
  30. Turn left on Park Dr around the Canada Summit Centre
  31. Finish in front of Canada Summit Centre main entrance on Park Dr


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