We love TEAMS at Band on the Run. Friends who train together are far more likely to meet their goals. Friends who run together on race day have way more fun! And, as you know, we are all about fun.

Plus – TEAMS of ten or more will receive a complimentary race registration.


Its really easy to set up a TEAM when you register:

  1. Go to the registration page REGISTRATION LINK Once you begin the registration process you will see the option to ‘ADD PARTICIPANT 1 TO A TEAM’.
  2. You’ll see three possible answers. Click the second one down ‘YES, CREATE A NEW TEAM AND ADD THIS PARTICIPANT’.
  3. You will be given the opportunity to name your TEAM. You can name it whatever you want. Some of our favourites so far are – Bracebridge Banditos, Fast & Fabulous, Jackie’s Jiggling Joggers, Smug Sprinters, Never Too Old to Start… You get the idea.
  4. You can create a password for your TEAM but this is not necessary. In fact we don’t really recommend it. You probably don’t want to keep your team a secret and there is no private information that you need to protect. What we have discovered is that when participants password-protect their team they usually IMMEDIATELY forget their password and then it gets complicated for their friends to join…

Once you complete your registration your team will automatically be created and you will be the TEAM LEADER.


Now you can invite your friends, family, running group to join your TEAM:

  1. Tell them the TEAM name you chose and send them to the registration page:REGISTRATION LINK
  2. During their registration process they will see the option ‘ADD PARTICIPANT 1 TO A TEAM’.
  3. They should click on the third option, ‘YES ADD THIS PARTICIPANT TO A TEAM CREATED BY SOMEONE ELSE’.
  4. A drop down list will appear with all of the TEAMS that have been set up so far. Your team-mates can scroll through the list or start typing your team name. They choose to be on your TEAM when they click on the name you set up. When their registration is completed they will automatically show up as part of your TEAM.

To make it really easy we’ve created this script that you can send your team members:

To join [TEAM NAME] register at REGISTRATION LINK and choose your distance. Part way down the page you will be able to join a team created by someone else (that’s me!). Click on that option and then choose [TEAM NAME] from the list. Once we get ten people on our team we get a free race registration for one extra person.

*Obviously you should replace [TEAM NAME] with your chosen team name when you are sending the message to your team members.


Once you have ten people on your TEAM we will set up a promo code that will allow an 11th person to register for FREE. We’ll be keeping an eye on the teams and will be in touch if we see your team go above ten. You can also let us know if your team has ten people in it.

To see who is on your team – simply login to your Race Roster page. Below your personal registration information you will see a list of who is on your team. You can also see who is on your team without logging in. Go to the Band on the Run Registration page: and click on the VIEW TEAMS link in the left hand navigation.


Do all TEAM MEMBERS need to run the same distance?

TEAM members do NOT need to run the same distance. You can all register for different distances and still be on the same team.

Can I add someone to my TEAM that is already registered?

If you have someone that has already registered that you want to add to your TEAM – send us an email ( with their full name and race distance and we’ll add them to your TEAM.

Can I form a TEAM after I have already registered?

You sure can. We have to do some fancy footwork in the backend but that is no problem. Just send us your name and the TEAM NAME you would like to use. (

Can I get a refund for my race registration instead of a free registration after I get ten people on my team?

No. We have offered this option in the past. Honestly – it was an administrative nightmare and caused us to pull out excessive amounts of hair. We are too young to be bald.

Do TEAMS have to wear matching running outfits?

No – of course this isn’t mandatory. Just highly encouraged 🙂

What happened to GROUPS? Are they the same as TEAMS?

That is correct. Groups have become Teams. We were only confusing everyone (including ourselves) having Teams in the registration process and Groups on our website.


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